Luis Suarez believes using his hand to deny Dominic Adiyiah from scoring in the quarter finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup was a necessary evil.

Luis Suarez emerged as the hero for Uruguay when he used his hand to block Dominic Adiyiah’s header from entering the net and despite being sent off Asamoah Gyan wasted the resultant penalty kick and the South Americans in the end knocked out Ghana in the penalty shootout.

Eight years on, Gerrard Pique who is the teammate of Luiz Suarez at Barcelona has quizzed the former Liverpool star about what influenced his decision to use his handball to deny Ghana from scoring in injury time.

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Suarez answered frankly, “Yes, the truth is, it was a bit of everything — of being depressed, of being sad, of being sent off. Because we were going to lose, but if they weren’t scoring that goal we weren’t going to lose, and … well, you get up within 30 seconds when he takes the penalty kick, the satisfaction of … of … well, I took a risk in a situation of which I have been blamed for anti fair play. However, the Ghana player missing the penalty is not my fault."

He continued, “I didn’t kick anyone or anything like that, that’s why I think that I celebrated like that, for having taken a risk for something that was worth it. And I remember that I celebrated it more than a goal.  A teammate on the bench passed out on that play, hahaha.”

In 2014 Luiz Suarez was involved in another controversy at the World Cup when he was sent off for biting Italian defender Chiellini