Fetish priest Nana Kweku Bonsam has revealed that

Emmanuel Eboue’s in an interview conducted with the Mirror on the eve of Christmas went viral after he disclosed that he has gone bankrupt after losing a bitter divorce case against his Belgian wife.

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He explained that he has lost everything and can’t even afford a washing machine, so has been washing his clothes with his hands.

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The former Arsenal right full back pleaded for assistance and Galatasaray his former Turkish side came to his rescue by handing him a coaching role with the club’s U-14 team.

Kwaku Bonsam has added his voice to the several opinions on the sad tale of the man who used to earn about 8,000 pounds a year, saying his woes is due to a curse he is suffering from a lady he snubbed years back.

“Emmanuel Eboue is cursed by his ex-girlfriend and let me tell you that Eboue’s woes and downs in his life is as a result of the curse by his Ivorian ex-girlfriend whom he promised to marry but disappointed and dumped her so painfully.

“In fact the girl did so much for Eboue but it was unfortunate Eboue caused so much emotional pain to her and ended the relationship without any tangible reason. Eboue must be quick and render an unqualified apology to his ex-girlfriend or else what he is going through will worsen” Kwaku Bonsam told he told Kasapa Sports.

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old is still serving a one-year ban he suffered last year for a breach of contract with his agent, compelling Sunderland to terminate his deal with them.