Gyan who resides in the Weija-Gbawe constituency in the Greater Accra region has made various contributions to its development including the recent road construction project he was in the news to have embarked on.

Recent reports in a section of the media following the road construction project suggested that the cherished footballer might have been doing some of those good works in the constituency to surreptitiously win the hearts of the constituents and nurture his political ambition.

However, responding to the claims, Gyan denied having any political ambitions currently but would not rule out the possibility of any such plans in the future, saying “in this world, anything can happen”.

“I’m happy that people are grateful for what I have done. I said earlier that people want me to become their MP. The most important thing is that people are happy with what I have done.

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“Talking about politics anything can happen, but for now politics is not on my mind.

Sometimes the people choose you, people can choose you to lead them. When the roads were going on plus other projects, many people were urging me to lead them as their MP.

Some people did not plan to do politics but at the end of the day they are doing politics which is a normal thing,” said the all-time leading scorer of the Black Stars with 51 goals.