Countries in the continent are, hence, imposing a range of prevention and containment measures against the spread of the pandemic.

According to the latest data, of the WHO on COVID-19 in Africa, the breakdown remains fluid as countries confirm cases as and when. The whole of Africa has rising cases with a sizeable number of countries holding out.

The data has shown that “Within the past 24 hours, there have been 216 new confirmed cases across 15 countries in the Region, with 2 new countries reporting cases, Guinea-Bissau and Mali.”

While we focus on the number of African countries who have confirmed the disease, some others have so far not recorded any.

These 8 African countries who have so far not recorded any cases of the coronavirus (COVID 19)

1. Lesotho

2. Comoros

3. Sierra Leone

4. South Sudan

5. Burundi

6. Botswana

7. Sao Tome and Principe

8. Malawi