Ghanaian millionaire and businessman, Dr Osei Kwame Despite is undoubtedly one of the richest men in the country.

His exploits in business and the story of his humble beginning has been a source of inspiration for many young Ghanaians.

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Here are 4  things you probably didn't know about Kwame Despite

Kwame Despite was deported from Nigeria

In 1983 when the Nigerian government deported millions of Ghanaians living then in the West African country, Osei Kwame Despite was one of the deportees.

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He returned to Ghana with a chain-saw machine and a trident cassette player. From that almost impossible premise, he has been able to grow Despite Group of companies.

He has an honorary doctorate

On 28th April 2013, Canterbury University in England conferred on Kwame Despite a Doctorate Degree of Human Resource for his continuous contribution to innovation, provision of job opportunities and relentless promotion of the Ghanaian Culture.

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His son is currently the General Manager of his conglomerate

Kennedy Osei, the eldest child of Kwame Despite, is now the General Manager of the Despite Group of Companies.

Ken studied BSc Business Administration at the University of Ghana and had an MS in Economics (Money, Banking and Finance) at the University of Birmingham. He is also the Executive Managing Director of Golden Crystal Lodge.

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Estimated net worth

Kwame Despite is reportedly worth over $150 Million coming from his conglomerate.