With one of the most anticipated love days lurking some few hours away, many lovers are thinking really hard to come out with the best way to make their partners happy.

Valentine's Day which is celebrated on February 14 every year has fast become an important event in most African countries.

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Time is of the essence here so we present you five last-minute ideas for this year’s Valentine’s Day.


A spa with your spouse is definitely a good one. How many of us spend time splashing water with our legs and engaging in water-war with our partners? On a night like this, doing something new and exciting can spark some love into your marriage or relationship.

Truth is, you don’t need to book a spa to be able to do this. A home spa can do the trick as well.

Movie night

An outing to a cinema will be ideal but if movie nights at home are not something you do often, deciding to have a movie night at home won’t be bad at all. With the two of you in the sofa, lights off, with the aroma of dinner saturating your improvised home cinema. All you need is a movie with scenes that will strike love cords. Cool? You should try it!

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This is to those with partners who have lamented all year of wanting to lose some weight. This is the time for you to show some interest in your partner’s desire. Propose a gym outing or a romantic walk or jogging around a familiar place that can bring back lovely moments.

Comedy and Love Shows

If comedy is a mutual interest, there will surely be a couple of comedy shows in town than you can attend and have a good laugh. Other events such as salsa nights, lovers bench rendezvous, couples time out, will be on at different centres and that may be all you will need to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day.

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Here, if you missed the family reunion during the New Year, it another opportunity to visit your “lovely” in-laws and tell them how much you appreciate them and want to spend the love night with them.

Reconciliation and resolution

The day is also a good time to reconcile accounts and plan your love life. Some couples have actually set the day for love evaluation and planning for the future. It is a good landmark event to stir the pot of love.