The Rector of Wa Polytechnic Professor Emmanuel Owusu-Marfo has said that he is not perturbed by the threats by his detractors within the tertiary institutions.

His comments come after he was blocked from entering his office on Thursday, August 30, 2018.

A Wa High Court quashed a decision by the polytechnic’s governing council to suspend him.

A day after the ruling he was prevented from entering his office when he decided to resume work.

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However, in an interview with Accra FM, he said he believes the God he worships will protect him from any harm.

“I will resume work and nobody can harm me. I have a living God, no one can harm me. I am being told to fortify myself against any attacks but I know the kind of God I worship, and, so, I am not afraid. I will go through without being harmed. If they fight me 10 times, I will win 10 times.”

“If you worship your God very well, trust me, no matter the attempt of the devil you will always come out of it. God will protect me. I am the kind of person who believes in God very much, and, so, when they make the attempt, they will not succeed,” he added.

He is certain that he will only leave Wa Poly when it is time for him to exit.

“I am very tough in Christ and when my time is due for me to exit this institution, I will leave without any injury.”

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Prof Owusu-Marfo was alleged to have procured a vehicle for himself at the cost of over GHS500,000, without the approval of the Governing Council.

The lecturers also accused him of procurement fraud and abuse of office and petitioned the school’s Governing Council to remove him from office.

But the Rector denied the allegations arguing that as a professor with over seven years’ experience, he was in the position to afford the Mercedes-Benz