The actor, real name Akwasi Boadi, for the past few years now, has become an iconic comic news anchor on UTV’s ‘Real News’ show, which is fast gaining popularity day by day due to the rib-cracking content Akrobeto delivers with his inefficiency to fluently speak the Queen’s language.

Without a doubt, Akrobeto is well realizing how far his striving effort on the show is reaching higher heights day by day, therefore, he took to it to his dreamland, where he’s been awarded an Honorary Professorial title after a stint with BBC, CNN, VOA and Aljazeera, all in the new trailer of his show.

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The new trailer, shared by UTV today, 18 May 2020, has so far seen a skyrocketing reaction from its viewers, who couldn’t help but left in uncontrollable laughter after realizing Akrobeto’s Professorial title is only a dream but well and creatively produced to look very real.


After 3hrs of the trailer hitting social media, it has gathered over 40,000 views with hundreds of comments from social media users who have a lot to say about the video. Watch it below and share your thoughts with us.