'I prayed fervently but failed Elective Maths' - Sister Derby on why she shunned church

Sister Derby has always been outspoken on religion and why she doesn't go to church.

Sister Derby

In a new interview, the 'African Mermaid' singer has disclosed that one thing that also made her realize that Church is not that important is because personal efforts yield results than depending on prayers.

I believe church is created by man to control people”, she said in a media interview and recounted that she depended on Church but failed her Chemistry and Elective Mathematics papers during her West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination.

I have wasted so much time in the Chapel praying to God to help me pass my examination, forgetting that if I don’t learn, I won’t pass. Don’t leave everything to God because he won’t help you if you are lazy”, she said.

I couldn’t finish my work even though I spent much time in the Chapel so I feel I don’t need it, I don’t find it fun and it puts me off,” she added.

According to Sister Derby, she knows that her statement will sound serious to people who are “very Christian” but to her, she feels she is more Christ-like than the “so-called Christians”.

Sister Derby says even though she doesn’t go to church and does not need it, she is better than most Christians when it comes to their behaviour towards their neighbours and the environment. She explains that her affection for nature and the environment is evident that she lives a godly life.

I know the right thing, I don’t drop my waste until I get a bin, I try my best to help people even if I don’t have the means, how many Christians will do that?”, she quizzed rhetorically in a report by 3news.com

Sister Derby concluded that “church is simply not fun because you will have to spend so many hours praying for just one thing which is not fun".


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