Via a social media post, the former E.C Boss debunked a report by a news platform, which stated that her husband has seek her permission to marry a second wife. 

Charlotte Osei loses her father

Reacting to her post, actress Juliet Ibrahim drew her attention to the fact such misconstrued headlines have become the order of the day, and she would be excited, if with her reputation, she can help celebrities to quell this issue because it is becoming rampant.

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A comment by Juliet Ibrahim, beneath Charlotte Osei's post as seen by stated that “If someone of your caliber can help us fight for this trend to change it will really help mama. I am ready to stand with you and fight against it. Every single day it’s a new twisted or made up headline to taint someone’s image or brand just for click bait; without them understanding the damages they bring to people’s names. What a pity.

Charlotte Osei has not replied Juliet Ibrahim’s comment yet. 

Charlotte Osei's post