Nicole Thea: Pregnant YouTuber laid to rest (VIDEO)

Nicole Thea, the popular YouTuber who died with her baby, has been laid to rest.

Global Borga and Nicole Thea

The then 24-year-old who was dating Ghanaian-UK based dancer, Global Borga, passed away with her pregnancy. An uncle to her told MailOnline that she suspiciously suffered a cardiac arrest. Two months later, Nicole, has been laid to rest over the weekend.

Her boyfriend, took to social media to share a photo from the funeral ceremony to pay tribute to her. "24 hours no shower 2 hours sleep I’m back here to your bedstone. I can do this forever, but I know YOU WANT ME TO COMPLETE OUR MISSIONS. STAYING IN MY HEART FOREVER IS MY NO.1 Mission. The rest can be done later," he wrote.

Nicole, who was a dancer as well, was laid to rest in a basket-designed coffin and her boyfriend with friends, suited in matching suits served as her pallbearers at the heartbreaking ceremony that saw tears flowing at her funeral in the UK.

Watch the video below.


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