According to the young man who is only known as Kwame Branding on Instagram, the incident happened over the weekend at Davido’s apartment in Accra.

He said they were all having fun at a drink up at Davido’s apartment when Stonebwoy’s bodyguard invited him to answer some questions and while he was denying some allegations levelled against him, he received some dirty slaps from the bodyguard.

He said another slap from Stonebwoy and that of Davido and his team followed up.

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“We were at the get-together which happened at Davido’s apartment when Stonebwoy’s bodyguard invited me to the balcony to ask me some questions,” he said in a video which has gone viral on Twitter. “The moment we got to the balcony, he started slapping me and showed me a video on Instagram, asking me who posted it and why I took the video. And I explained that I never shared the video.”

Then, Stonebwoy and Davido joined the slap galore.

“From there, Stonebwoy slapped me, followed by Davido and his team. I was beaten mercilessly, as you can see my face, by Stonebwoy.”

There’s no word from Stonebwoy on why he assaulted the young man, but some Twitter users claim it’s because the guy in question leaked Stonebwoy’s song with Davido.

Twitter users have criticised Stonebwoy for slapping Kwame Branding, with some suggesting that he is gradually turning his music career into a boxing career.

This comes in less than two months after Stonebwoy punched Sarkodie’s manager, Angel Town, in his face at the pre-recording session of the rapper’s “Black Lover” virtual concert.

See how Twitter users reacted to the sage;

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