Standing ovation for Ebo Whyte’s “Forbidden”

Uncle Ebo Whyte’s “Forbidden” saw Ghanaian celebrities; from ministers, TV personalities, journalists and the general public; converge at National Theatre for an exciting afternoon of laughter and education.

The first play on Saturday started exactly at 4.00pm with a great performance from the crew.

The auditorium however was completely full and those who came later had to stand outside.

Characteristic of an Ebo Whyte play, the artistic use of humans as decors added extra glam to the set and even the flow of the play. Ebo Whyte’s “Forbidden” stuck to his usual modus operandi of using music in the play, a smart move that saw some people on their feet dancing and joyfully waving their hands.

All the songs used, both local and foreign were very popular ones that got everyone singing happily as in they were on the stage.

The cast, 5 people in all displayed incredible skills in their character role with gesture that made the people laughed over and over again.

The twist and turns of event at the last scene gave the audience goosebumps. The once innocent ‘church girl’, unbeknownst to the cast and even the audience, was convicted for drug trafficking and has had relations with highly acclaimed drug dealer who ended up supplying her drugs for her wedding present.

In a delicate twist, the one-time ‘bad boy’ rather saw the ‘light’ when his ex-convict wife made the shocking revelation and he, who earlier had no conviction in religion, became a born again.

The play also taught the audience that one must believe in him or herself even when a man of God advise otherwise.

Probably not the best Ebo Whyte play ever, but the dancing skills of the 5-man cast will forever go down in my mind as one of the bests in Ghanaian theatre in a long time.