Sometimes acquiring a visa to travel outside Africa can be very challenging but according to actress Xandy Kamel, she had a very simple way out because just removing her panties during a television broadcast has fetched her a visa to Europe.

It’s recalled that the rising Kumawood actress during an interview on some of the acting gimmicks, practically demonstrated how actors remove their underwear on set by exactly doing so during the interview. 

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Though Xandy later proved that she had another underwear beneath the pant that she removed, her action was met with backlash from fans but according to her in a new interview with Delay, her gesture was a productive venture which saw her travelling abroad.

Rosemond Brown and Xandy Kamel
Rosemond Brown and Xandy Kamel

Comparing herself to colleague actress, Rosemond Brown, she told Delay that unlike Rosemond with her equally "concert" lifestyle on social media, she (Xandy) has been able to travel overseas after removing her panties, unlike Rose who went naked on the streets and has only visted Dubai for three days.

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The two actresses haven’t been in good friendly terms and this Xandy jab has inflamed their ‘beef’ which is stirring social media once again.

Watch Xandy Kamel’s interview with Delay below for all that she has to say about Rosemond Brown and their social media concert lifestyle.