Zynell Lydia Zuh is here to take over the Ghana movie industry and you totally had no idea.

The Ghanaian actress and producer first entered the Ghanaian movie industry in 2004 fresh out of high school and has since been making waves in the industry as well as tabloids across the country.

Every single actress in the industry has something special about them and their loyal fans cherish what they have to offer.

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Zynell Zuh does not fall short on the elite list of overall appeal.

Here is how amazing she really is.

She has a drop dead gorgeous body

If you ask anyone which actress is the total package and still a boss, Zynell definitely would be on the tip of your lips. If you look at that incredible silhouette that her outfits give we can only mesmerise and thank God for such a mind-blowing physique.

Her face turns heads

With or without make-up Zynell puts all her haters to shame with a face of the ages. She has the courage to show her natural facial features on social media, something so celebs cannot afford to do.

She has a talent for days

When it comes to talent, she has not short of any. As an actress, producer and fashionista she has really proven to be one to watch out for. She recently produced “When Love Comes Around" which is a sizzling tale in which she coincidentally starred in. It’s safe to say that she is a true triple threat.

She is a fashion sensation

Zynnell's social media is filled with terrific styles which are out of the box and her red carpets looks are ripped from the very pages of Vogue. Outrageous looks have now become a staple for her.

She knows how to turn up like the rest of us: When it comes to jamming Zynnell is on the front line ready to tear down the building with her squad, Taylor Swift better-be-ware.

She loves to cook

What is an all rounded woman without any culinary talent, Zynell has that department on lockdown and any Mr Right around should be ready to accept perfection.

She’s a boss a** lady

The boss lady is one with the money, power and influence and an incredible personality to boot. To be a boss you need to be legit, honest and Zynnell isn’t short of honesty.

There you have it. Zynnell is truly becoming a Ghanaian treasure and we totally stand behind her rise to the very top.