D’banj has revealed that Dr Sid was partly responsible for the breakup of the defunct Mo'Hits records due to his feelings of  insecurity.

The entertainer and Don Jazzy had founded the defunct Mo'Hits records in 2004, and proceeded to release a number of successful albums including D'banj's No Long Thing, Rundown and The Entertainer.

But an acrimonious split in 2012 made them go separate ways, launching their separate imprints and releasing music. D’banj believes though, that the discontent of Dr Sid was a major reason why Mo'Hits broke up.

He revealed this during his interview on Olisa Adibua’s chat show, ‘The Truth’, sharing his experience with Mo'Hits, while playing a recording that captures the voice of Dr. Sid, expressing his discontentment about D’banj’s superstar status, and angrily revealing that D’banj’s greatness was not good for his career.

“Did you ever hear a recording that I did. I think it was in South Africa that Dr Sid spoke and I recorded it. I will give it to you to play, when you hear that recording, you will know why Mo'Hits scattered.” D’banj told Olisa.

“That was exactly what Dr Sid said on the tape, he said that his (Dbanj’s) light was too much, he was overshadowing us. That’s exactly what he said. So I will give you the tape, play it, and I think that will end this whole bullshit.”

Olisa plays the recording and the voice of Dr Sid comes on in a heated.

“Why don’t they know my name, because your brand and your star is too big, it isa big, it was overshadowing us”. Sid can be heard on the recording, in a loud argument with D’banj.

“Tanzania and Nairobi who dey call? Na D’banj na…But D’banj did more negative than positive for my career.”

D’banj also revealed that he signed Dr Sid to Mo'Hits, against complaints by Don Jazzy, but the singer contributed to the fall of Mo'Hits. According to the superstar, he still misses the crew at Mo'Hits.

“Of course you will miss somebody. Even if you date somebody one day, two days. Not to talk of kids that I grew up with. I pretty much signed every one of them. Every one that  was sigend on Mo'Hits, I did.  In Jazzy’s words he always points fingers: ‘Na you dey bring this one come o, if e fumble na you.

“Even Dr Sid, he over-enforced me about it that why, why, why? But I said listen man, this guy is a talented guy.

D'banj shared details about the breakup, and blamed the partnership between Dr Sid and Don Jazzy as one of the major reasons for the fall of Mo'Hits.

“So they were trying to get him to come around, but I understood totally, which is what I said to you. So when he came back home, he had a meeting and that was in July, and he said he doesn’t want us to do Mo'Hits again. That he doesn’t want us to do Mo'Hits again. And I said to him, ‘Please give me 6 months’.

So I told him to give me 6 months, that he should please just…for me I was even trying to sell my shares, to convince him again, to sell my shares to someone else, take the money, go abroad and try. To do anything I could, because I had seen that it wasn’t working, and him and Sid had formed this synergy. It was very clear the way…I could see it. He wasn’t very comfortable around me, I didn’t understand what was happening, and me I didn’t…everybody knows that I don’t have time. I was always on the move.

I wasn’t always on ground to see, and I think that was my mistake – I wasn’t sensitive enough to have noticed. And prior to that, if I felt anything, just as you would do as a boss, you should do whatever needed to be done. So I told him to give me 6 months. I remember December, Iwe had a meeting, and everybody was there, and Don Jazzy also said the same thing which was after 6 months. That was December 2011, and he said, that he had thought about it, and he wasn’t interested. In fact, not just me, that this one wasn’t interested (pointing to others).

“I was heartbroken, I think Kayswitch was with them, it was one voice, and I felt like…what’s happening here? And that’s where I started hearing few things that people just felt that they were not comfortable with me.

For me I was a business man, I have always been a business man, and I’ve always been. That’s why I told you to wait  for six months, and even after 6 months, when they said that they were not interested, it was okay. I was going to actually travel, I was going to just leave, go, just chill, and reboot. And God has a way of compensating, so Oliver Twist just blew.

Don Jazzy signed everything (Oliver Twist) to me. That was part of the divorce settlement. Don Jazzy said ‘If I dey go for road now, if I hear radio, and I hear your voice, I go change the station."