Dancehall musician,

The “Kakai” hitmaker was trolled on the Internet over his profane lyrics and title of the song.

In response to the critics, he said every song he produces is in the interest of his fans so that’s why he released such track.

In an interview with Mike’2’ on Adom FM “Entertainment Hall”, he stated that “The song is for the street as well as a party song which the people love.”

“I am proud of the song and I believe in the history of Ghana music nobody has been able to compose such a creative piece,” he happily said.

He further disclosed that he did not do the song to disrespect women since he also has a mother and a wife but created a song that his fans could enjoy, dance and party with it.

“It is not crime, is our culture and I don’t want people to take things personal- the song is for the street and for the party people,” he said.

Finally, he disclosed that he would not and never regret listening to the song when he is even old in age since there is nothing wrong with the song.