Bank cleaner's farewell letter to staff after working for 35 years goes viral; it's a must-read

A woman who has allegedly worked as a bank cleaner for 35 years pour out her heart in a thought-provoking letter to both the manager and staff of the company from which she has resigned.

Bank cleaner writes thought-provoking farewell letter to staff after 35 years of work

She didn’t mince words at all when she made it clear in her farewell note to them that “you are all no better than the cleaner”, so they should “be kind” to everyone and not look down upon them.

She stated categorically in her letter that she left the job because of the ill-treatment she had suffered at their hands.

She went further to advise them that no condition is permanent, so humility is key to a fruitful and fulfilling life.


A Twitter user identified as @joecousins89 who claimed to be the woman’s son shared a copy of the emotion-triggering letter on his page, and many people have been reacting to it.

"And this is why I love my mum. She’s been cleaning banks for 35 years and today walked out with this lovely note left for that awful manager. Happy retirement Mum - always have the last laugh eh!" @joecousins89 wrote on Twitter.

The woman’s letter has got many people having a change of heart and mind about how they treat others.

"Hi ladies, tomorrow will be my last clean for HSBC. I have made a bucket of iss cleaning materials for the next cleaner, whoever that may be!!


"I've left the job Julie after the way you dressed me down in the office. It was nothing more than aggressive and cruel but that's a reflection on your character, not mine.

"So. going forward, please, all of you, remember, in a world when you can be anything, be kind. Because you are all no better than the cleaner," she wrote in the letter.



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