Reports have it that a 27-year-old student from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa has been nabbed after it came to light that he has been going from one KFC restaurant to another, eating food everyday without paying, after lying to the company’s employees that he had been sent from its headquarters to test the quality of their food.

Interestingly, anytime he embarked on the criminal act, he walked into the restaurants with so much confidence that it was hard for the KFC employees to suspect that he was not genuine, and he succeeded in swindling them every single day for one whole year.

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It is reported that the news was shared by Kenyan journalist, Teddy Eugene on his official Twitter account with a caption: “South African man arrested for eating at KFC free for a year by saying head office sent him to taste if they are up to standard.”

The identity of the young man is not yet known, and it is not clear how he was finally found out.