Deeper Life Church is one of such churches that do not take their doctrines lightly at all. A Nigerian couple’s marriage which was scheduled to have happened on Saturday, June 8 was reportedly cancelled because they had eaten food from the same plate, which the church’s marriage committee took a serious view of.

Obviously, if eating from the same plate could be such a huge offence to warrant cancellation of the already planned marriage, then it is predictable what the stance of the Deeper Life Church will be on the latest trend of explicit pre-wedding photos and videos.

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Narrating the interesting development on social media, a twitter user who shared the story wrote:

“So, I’m going to be narrating a funny story that was shared with me by a friend of mine who went for the wedding of his cousin that was cancelled on Saturday 8, 2019 at Okutukutu, Bayelsa by Deeper Life Bible Church @dclmhq they attend

I don’t criticize pastors or churches, but this is overwhelming and annoying.

“So, after all the preparation for wedding, the State Overseer of Bayelsa state called the chairman marriage committee of the church to suspend the wedding.

The message sent was “YOUR WEDDING IS SUSPENDED. TWO OF YOU ARE PLACED ON DISCIPLINE.” This was sent on Friday during the traditional marriage.

“Please who does this? After all the preparation for wedding.

So, the family of the bride drove to the State Overseer house to beg him to allow the wedding hold. The mother of the bride was rolling on the floor crying & begging the pastor. But the man refused to answer and walked out on them. Even Jesus Christ never did like that to sinners.

“So, after crying, they went back home and the bride almost ran mad. And this is another reason that can lead to depression & I can provide @MentallyAwareNG contact to one of the family members to help connect the bride to a psychologist.

“The wife and husband said the chairman of the marriage stated that the reason why Bayelsa State Overseer suspended the wedding was because the couples to be ate in same plate a week ago. Which the State Overseer said it’s wrong & should never happen until after wedding day.

“I want deeper life @dclmhq Bible Church General Overseer pastor Kumuyi to look into this and call Bayelsa’s State Overseer to explain why he purposely decided to spoil this family’s day of Joy.”

Well, you must know the values of whichever association you belong to, and abide by their traditions in order to avoid being in trouble with them.