A Chinese woman who hesitated in saying sorry and mending her relationship with her ex-lover was compelled to create a scene when she stormed the man’s wedding to another woman, knelt down before him, all in a bid to get him back.

The highly emotional woman gatecrashed the wedding venue and is seen in a dramatic video wearing a white wedding gown, ostensibly procured by herself.

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In the video, she knelt down before the groom coincidentally at the very moment he was just about to kiss his bride. She then began to beg him to forgive and take her back, saying “it was my fault”.

The goon is seen attempting to calm his bride who looked completely shocked. But she eventually walked away from the scene apparently in anger.

According to Star Video, affiliated to Hunan Legal Channel, the unnamed jilted woman and the unnamed groom went separate ways because they were incompatible. It is unclear why she waited until his wedding day to ask for forgiveness, knowing very well that she was at fault.

Watch a video of the drama below: