A young lady who claims to be dating a married man has revealed how the irresistible sex prowess of the man is making it difficult for her to leave him, despite the fact that she is unhappy about being treated as a second fiddle.

According to the Twitter user identified as @_fiiloe, anytime her boyfriend and wife who lives abroad are on phone, she is asked to remain dead silent, or be in the balcony for as long as it takes them to finish talking.

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“My boyfriend is almost always on a video call with his wife who’s abroad. Every time they video calling it has to be completely silent. This other time he told me to go and sit at the balcony. I wanted to leave the relationship so bad but his sex game is holding me back,” the pretty lady laments.

The lady’s situation only goes to underscore why some women who are married to wealthy men and lack nothing, still go behind them to cheat on them with other men, all because the sex is better outside.