A South African medical doctor has earned a lot of praises after making the news headlines over his kind gestures towards his patients.

According to reports, Dr Paulo de Valdoleiros, popularly known as the Walk-in Doctor, opened a private hospital where he serves everybody, regardless of their financial status.

However, one thing that has distinguished his facility from others is that, the kind doctor who is a firm believer in God does not charge his patients; he allows them to pay whatever they can afford.

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Meet the kind medical doctor who doesn’t charge his patients for treatments, but preaches them

As if that was not strange enough, he preaches the word of God to the patients before discharging them.

Dr Valdoleiros is reported as having told Gateway News that after seeing his patients and treating them, they are allowed to walk up to the front desk and quote whatever they can afford to pay for their treatment, without being asked to pay more.

Asked what motivated him to chose to be different, he said: "I feel that just because you do not have money should not mean you cannot see a doctor.”

Interestingly, his services are not restricted to poor people only. He said once you are ill and deserve to be treated, his hospital is open to you.

Dr Valdoleiros dispelled assertions that his kind gesture is a marketing strategy to sell his health center, saying: "What has happened has definitely not been due to natural causes. There is no way I could have come up with such a marketing plan."

Ghanaian health workers must learn from this doctor by being kind and placing more premium on the lives of their patients than money.