After 'chopping' her for 11 months, she deserves these gifts

Here are 8 go-to gifts that a woman is likely to use every day and will be thankful you gave to her.

  • Skincare items

You can disagree with me but I think the other way to a man’s heart is your flawless skin. Men love to introduce their woman to their friends and brag about her beautiful to her colleagues.

Of course, you are what you eat but she also needs chemical free product to make her glow Make this gift-worthy by packaging them in a nice wicker basket where she can store her products.

  • Manicure kit

It very economical to take care of your shape and maintain your nails and trim your cuticles at home. The kit may include nail clippers, nail scissors, emery boards, cuticle nippers or pushers, tweezers, ear scissors, and other nail and beauty tools depending on the brand.

  • Makeup brushes

The quality of makeup brushes you use to apply your makeup plays an important role in your final look. Using a misshapen brush can apply makeup unevenly.

Do makeup brushes have expiration dates? To be the safest side, change your brush every six months after washing them with shampoo very week. Get her a brand new set of makeup brushes and she will cherish for the next 6 months.

  • Panty liners

Every lady should wear a panty liner to keep your clean and fresh all day. Some women use pantiliners every day to manage vaginal discharge, and others use them primarily mid-cycle (during ovulation) to manage just their increased vaginal discharge.

Scented pantiliners are a great option for discharge. If you want to rule her world, get her a panty liner.

  • Quality hair products

It’s very comforting to know that your man cares about your appearance. Women spend so much of their salary to maintain their hair through the year to please their man. Buying her new hair products means you’ve noticed all her attention to seduce you.

  • Perfumes

Women love shopping for perfumes and body splash. It’s always the last beauty ritual before stepping out. Let's not forget that perfume is the ultimate seduction magic. Gifting perfume to your lover is both classy yet sensual.

  • Towels

There are some things we don’t even think of replacing. Getting her quality white towel is the ideal gift that will score you any marks this Christmas. She’ll think of you every time she uses these comfy towels.

Bonus gift:

  • A jewelry box

Even the women who don’t apply makeup can’t step out without accessories. Keeping the jewelry is a challenge for many women. Get her a jewelry box and she will think of you every time she puts her jewelry on and takes it off.

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