Having fun on your own can be even better than pairing with a playmate. So why not spice it up a bit for the ultimate bliss. 

Take your personal sex life to a new height with these easy female masturbation techniques. 

Hump Away

Humping away

Your bedroom is a smorgasbord and that includes pillows, teddy bears, armchairs or even the corner of your table. 

Position your object of fancy between your legs and make sure it is in direct contact with your clitoris whilst lying face down on the bed. That’s it. Now you are ready to hump away. 

Of course, you may want a little lube whilst having a go on the arm of the chair or table corner. 

Shower Play

Shower masturbation

The shower has always been the one place to experiment with touching yourself. But a detachable shower head takes the game up a notch. First, work up some lather all over, then blast water directly at your clit. 

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It’s even better if your shower has a different setting which could allow you to pulse the flow. 

The Valley of Bliss

Finger play

With the index finger and middle finger of your non-dominant hand form a ‘V’ shape place each finger on each side of your clitoris. Now squeeze them together gently whilst rubbing the clitoris with your other finger. Try sliding the ‘V’ up and down for extra pleasure. 

Sex toys 

sex toys

Sex toys are in the boom with a mind-blowing variation for stimulating pleasure. You may try a few dildos if you are uncomfortable with having your hands down there. But a vibrator can do much more than stimulate your clitoris. 

The Electric Buzz

electric toothbrush

Is your electric toothbrush lying idle in your bathroom? It’s time to put the little cleaner to use. Place the back of the brush on your clitoris and turn on it on. You are guaranteed to get off quicker from the higher vibrations.