Chef Faila visits GBfoods Ghana: Celebrating Ghanaian talent and record-breaking success

Renowned Chef Faila, whose recent attempt to cook for a staggering 227 hours awaits official Guinness World Record recognition, visited the GBfoods Ghana office today.

Chef Faila with  General Manager David Afflu and Teiya GMB Winner

The meeting served as a celebration of her remarkable achievement and the support she received from Pomo, a leading Ghanaian Tomato mix brand under the GBfoods Ghana Ghana brands.

Chef Faila's attempt is one of unmatched passion and dedication to Ghanaian cuisine. Her ambitious cooking marathon not only pushed the boundaries of culinary endurance but also captured the hearts and imaginations of food enthusiasts worldwide.

Pomo tomato mix , recognizing the significance of her endeavour, played a crucial role in her success through a multifaceted support strategy of financial backing, community engagement and promoting Ghanaian culinary excellence.

This visit undoubtedly paves the way for further collaboration and initiatives aimed at promoting Ghanaian culinary heritage and talent on a global stage. This visit to GBfoods Ghana was more than just a courtesy call; It was a symbol of the transformative power of collaboration and unwavering support.


It signifies the beginning of a new chapter in Ghanaian culinary history, where passion, talent, and social responsibility seamlessly blend to achieve greatness.

While Chef Faila awaits official recognition from Guinness World Records, her remarkable journey, marked by both her determination and the immense support from GBfoods Ghana, has already left an indelible mark on the global culinary landscape, inspiring countless individuals to dream big and pursue their culinary passions with unwavering resolve.

David Afflu, General Manager of GBfoods Ghana, enthusiastically stated:

"Chef Faila's passion and ambition are truly inspiring. Her journey and record-breaking attempt showcase the depth and vibrancy of Ghanaian cuisine to the world. We at GBfoods Ghana are incredibly proud to have supported her through our brand Pomo, and we firmly believe this is just the beginning of an exciting journey for Ghanaian culinary talent.


Today's visit opens up new avenues for collaboration and initiatives that will elevate Ghanaian cuisine onto the global stage, empowering our creative culinary community and being the yardstick for future generations of food heroes."

As GBfoods Ghana continues to celebrate local flavours, it remains steadfast in its mission to deliver high-quality products that enrich culinary experiences and bring joy to millions of households across Ghana.

The company's focus on celebrating authentic local flavours, supporting local communities, and driving sustainable practices positions it as a trusted partner and a source of consumer pride.



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