10 unconventional foods across the world

When one visits a new country, one of the many things one should always try is the food peculiar to such a place, as food remains a part of the culture of any people.

Fruit bat soup

One thing to note is that each culture has delicacies they enjoy which to the average foreigner may seem unconventional. So while you explore the world, be adventurous and try these unconventional foods.

This delicacy is a traditional dish in Laos, Southeast Asia. The egg soup is made from the eggs of ants, the embryos of white ants, and a few baby ants; it usually gives the dish a dash of sourness.

The soup is rumored to be sumptuous with a taste similar to shrimp soup.

Fried spiders are a usual snack in a town called Skuon in Cambodia. The particular species of spiders eaten are tarantulas. The sales and consumption of tarantulas are so popular that tourists from all over the world come to visit the town.

As unconventional as it may sound, this dish really does exist; and it is eaten in China. A special delicacy in a famous restaurant in Beijing, China.

Rattlesnakes are prepared and consumed in various ways; they can be fried, boiled, and incorporated as soup. They are also a major component in some liquor drinks; the rattlesnake is usually at the bottom of the liquor bottle.

The consumption of rattlesnakes is common in Hongkong and Vietnam.

Locusts are a particular species of grasshopper found across various continents in the world. Researchers say that they contain high levels of minerals and protein.

In Africa, especially Nigeria, they are deep fried and served as an accompaniment. In Israel, after deep frying, they are covered in chocolate.

This is a popular dish in France, considered a national dish. Frog legs contain protein, vitamins, and potassium and are usually sautéed in olive oil with various spices.

Just like ham, beef is used in the preparation of burgers; camel meat is the major ingredient in this particular burger. It is said that camel meat is low fat and much juicier than the usual ham and beef burger.

This food is common in Egypt and Somalia.

Balut is a dish common in the Philippines. It is a fertilized duck embryo, usually two to three weeks into its development. The egg is boiled with the embryo still living, then seasoned with vinegar, salt, and pepper.

This is a snack in Japan, just like baked chocolate cookies, but instead of chocolate fillings, wasps are incorporated.

Fruit bats are a species of a bat; they are found on the top of trees in forest areas. These fruit bats are made into soup delicacies; this dish is a staple food in Palau.

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