5 mistakes you might be making when preparing chicken

Raw chicken can be harmful if it’s not handled with care.

  • Storing it improperly

Then store it on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator to prevent the chicken juice from leaking and dripping outside of its container. This can be bad news (contamination) if it comes into contact with your foodstuffs.

  • Rinsing chicken before you cook

Some people think that washing chicken under running water before it is cooked. Rinsing can cause bacteria on the chicken to splash and cling to surrounding surfaces, rather than eliminating them from the chicken. Skip the wash. Send your chicken straight to the pan.

  •  Marinating it improperly

Marinating adds flavor and tenderizes the meat. Marinate your chicken in a plastic bag (or other closed containers) in the refrigerator. Toss the juices in the container when you are done.

If it is not done through the right process, it can take your dinner from delicious to dangerous, as bacteria can grow better when it’s warm. Also, never reuse marinade after it’s come into contact with raw meat.

  • You overseason it

Always keep it simple when preparing chicken recipes. Enough amount of ginger, garlic, onions, a little salt, and pepper should more than do the trick. Don’t forget to season the inside when you are roasting full chicken.

  • Forgetting to wash your hands

If you don’t have anyone to assist you when preparing your favorite chicken recipe, make sure to use one handle to the chicken and the other hand to grab others.


Once your hand comes in contact with the chicken juice, you can quickly cross-contaminate anything you touch. Drawer knobs, countertops, seasoning bottles and much more may be covered in harmful bacteria.


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