10 Long distance flight tips

Long distance travelling is great fun; you get to see new places and you can meet lots of new and interesting people, but you also get to sit on a plane for eight hours while your clothes get crumpled, your hair becomes a complete disaster, and you get dehydrated and extremely bored.

Some people seem to have given up trying to look chic on a plane, they board looking like they are about to lay out in front of the TV at home, but if you want to look a little more like an international traveller who has some style, we have ten tips for you on how to be comfortable on a long haul flight and still look elegant and chic at the same time.

1. Wear slip on shoes

You need to be sensible in your choice of footwear for a long haul flight. Choose shoes that you will be able to slip easily on and off and then it will be easier to get comfortable in the plane and it will save you time at security, if they ask you to remove your shoes.

Flats are the best choice for comfort, and it’s a good idea to wear some kind of hosiery to keep your bare feet from touching the grubby carpet in the airplane.


2. Wear stretch fabric pants

Another good tip on how to travel in style is to wear stretch fabric pants. A lot of people wear denim jeans when they fly, but denim is quite an unforgiving fabric and it can cut in around the waist when you have been sitting in jeans for a long time.

Stretch-denim or other flexible fabrics are far better to wear when flying; they will be a lot more comfortable and they will look better when you get off the plane too.

3. Wear layers

When you fly, you have to contend with the weather at home, the cold air on the plane and then the heat when you arrive at your sunny destination.


The easiest way around this, is to wear layers. You can then add or remove layers to cope with the changes in temperature and, if you wear a nice jacket, you can take that off during the fight, so it will still look perfect and elegant when you land.

4. Wear a loose top

Another one of great long haul flight tips is to wear a loose fitting top, or a shirt, that you can easily untuck from your pants when you are in your seat, and tuck back in when you get up.

A loose shirt will be comfortable to wear during the flight and it won’t cling to your back when you get off the plane.

5. Wear a sensible bra


Bras can be particularly uncomfortable on a plane, so one of great long haul flight tips is to choose your bra wisely. It is best to wear a bra that does not have any under wire, but will still give you enough support for the duration of the flight.

You could, of course, just take your bra off when you go to sleep. No one will notice anyway, because they will be sleeping or watching the TV.

6. Wear a scarf

Next great tip on how to travel in style is to wear a scarf, as it can add a bit of glamour to any outfit, and if you wear a wide scarf, you can use it as an extra blanket on the plane.

If you wear a pretty, colourful scarf, it could also double as a headband for when you arrive at your destination. That will take care of your hair, if it got messed up on the flight.


7. Wear your hair up during the flight

If your hair is long or medium length, then always wear your hair up during the flight. That way, it won’t get ruffled at the point where your head rests on the back of your seat. If your hair is shorter, then remember to tidy it up before you get off the plane.

8. Wear sunglasses

This is one of the simplest tips on how to travel in style. Try as you might, you probably won’t sleep properly on a plane and that, along with the jet lag and the poor air in the cabin, will probably give you red irritated eyes.

A pair of sunglasses will look really chic in the departure lounge and they could be essential in the arrivals hall. They can also be worn on the head as a headband to divert attention from your hair, if it became ruffled on the flight.


9. Drink lots of water

The air that is pumped through the cabin of a plane is very dry and it will quickly dehydrate you and your skin. So another one of useful long haul flight tips is to drink lots of water during the fight, and it will help you look more refreshed and awake when you arrive. Carrying a facial mist is also a good idea to keep your skin hydrated during the flight.

10. Preparing to disembark from the plane

Just before the plane lands, give your face a wipe over with a gentle facial wipe and moisturise with a light moisturiser.

Use concealer under your eyes and on any other redness that have occurred during the journey, a swipe of lipstick and a bit of eye makeup if you want, and you will be ready to get off the plane looking a whole lot more elegant and chic, than those people who travelled in their tracksuits!




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