• The Mandalorian's second episode features the Jawas.
  • The Jawas are a classic Star Wars species, and one of the first ever featured.
  • Here, they take on a more adversarial role with the titular character.

The Mandalorian is doing some good work tracking in the familiar. The first episode saw an old Jabba the Hutt sidekickor at least his speciesroasting on a spit in the street. The main character looks just like Boba Fett. The second episode, in turn, brought back one of the first species that Star Wars ever featured: the Jawas.

According to StarWars.com , the Jawas are only a meter-tall, and are exactly what they seem like: junk traders. They incapacitate, they steal, and they work together to band a profit, operating our of their massive, box-like Sandcrawler one of the few that doesn't float in the air, instead running on wheel-like treads through the desert.

You may recall the junk-flipping Jawas from the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope; they're the group that incapacitated and sold R2-D2 and C-3PO back to Luke at the very beginning of the movie (back when he was just looking for power converters, jeez). Here, we've gotten a look at them at their most ruthlessthey fought off The Mandalorian, and ransacked his ship to use as leverage.

So, while we do have a pretty good idea of who and what the Jawas are, we don't really have an idea of what 'The Egg' is. You'd think it would be something all powerful, or mysticalthis is sci-fi, after all. But when they are brought their egg at the end, they cut it open, revealing...yellow goo that they all eat. In other words, space yolk. OK then! Jawas have to have their breakfast too, apparently.

the mandalorian jawas egg
the mandalorian jawas egg
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