For most people, the few months that they wait for their Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE) results is a crucial one.

As most students view those months as a break from all academic purposes and just while away time in their some, some also view that crucial break as a prep time to gain some skills and organize themselves to face the real world.

This, they do, by looking for non-fee paying jobs to acquire skills and learn the rudiments of life at an early age.

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While you wait for the results, you can keep yourself busy with these.

  • Intern at a laundry shop

Learning how to the laundry is one of the earliest life hacks one can learn about orderliness. You can gain an invaluable lesson working at a laundry shop that will be with you all your adult life.

  • Attend computer classes

Information and computer technology is the pulse of the world now. Nothing functions in this global world without IT. Therefore, further studies in ICT before high school prepares you mentally for what is at stake.

  • Attend pre-SHS classes

Attending extra classes or pre-SHS classes to equip you for the courses that will you will learn in Senior High is also another sure way of giving you a head start ahead of your colleagues.

  • Intern at the library

Learning the art of reading is a skill that is essential for life success. Being an intern at a library can prepare you for such a task.

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  • Take a course in first aid

Taking a course in first aid will prepare you for an essential asset in life: kindness. The ability to be willing to be able to help others when they are in distress is a good character trait that helps in shaping successful people.