For men: 5 best things to say to women during s*x

Women are naturally verbal creatures at heart.

Couple in bed

Of course, what excites women are very different from what arouses men.

If you can paint a picture with a few choice words, you can turn them on. So it's in the men's best interests to learn to say the right things.

With that in mind, here are the best things to say to a lady during or before foreplay.

  • You have such a hot (choose a body part she is proud of)

Pick a favourite body part to mention, but make it one you know she's proud of. That way, there's no controversy. Women are notorious for being sensitive to clumsy compliments about their bodies, so tread carefully.

  • I want to give you pleasure

Simple, yet effective. A wonderful way to relax her and reassure her that she made the right decision going to bed with you. Say this right before or during foreplay for maximum effect.

  • I want to kiss you all over

Women love foreplay and they love to be pampered. What you're telling her is that you love and appreciate all of her. It's very comforting to hear.

  • You're so hot

Straightforward is often the best way to go. And swearing is one way to tell her that you really mean it. Women do respect it.

  • What are you imagining right now? 

This will encourage her to talk about her sexual desires and participate in setting the mood. The idea here is to let her release any bottled-up fantasies that she would otherwise not mention.

  • This feels so good

I love it when you hug me, kiss me, etc. Again, this is meant to boost her comfort level with a little positive feedback. And if she knows you like something, perhaps she'll take note for future reference.

  • I've never felt this good before

Women love to be singled out as special, and unique. If she does something to you in bed that has never been done so pleasurably before, tell her sincerely.


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