5 things you didn’t know about wedding cakes

If you thought wedding cakes were just a tasty dessert, then you got it twisted.

A Wedding cake more than the “desert” everyone one gets a piece of. There are lots of weird and wonderful wedding traditions surrounding cake. brings you here are five things you didn’t know about wedding cake

1. The traditional tiered shape is inspired by a church


It is believed that a man called Thomas Rich started that traditional in 1703. He was a baker’s apprentice and wanted to make an extravagant cake for his bride, so he drew inspiration from St Bride’s Church in London.

2. Cutting cake together

Couples cutting the cake together symbolizes the union of the duo: the first task a couple will do together.This is why everyone stands around and watches you holding a knife together – even though it only takes two seconds!

3. Wedding cakes are not always white.


It is not necessary to have a white wedding cake, another traditional symbol of purity.  In contemporary times, brides are coordinating their cakes with color schemes and textures (laces, ruffles, etc.) of their wedding apparel.  Cakes have different tiers of hues, usually darker to lightest. Real flowers, leaves or fruit can adorn the tops.  Other tops have stenciled scenes or portraits of the bridal couple.

4. They were originally a symbol of fertility.

Wedding cakes are steeped in tradition since medieval times. Originally they were made with only wheat (a symbol of fertility and prosperity) and thrown at the bride.  Eventually, they became edible, although they were broken over the bride’s head as a symbol of breaking the bride’s virginity and the groom’s dominance over her.

5. Overly sugar coated to wish the couple a sweet journey.

Wedding cakes are known to have the most icing. Layers of glaze are coated around the main cake itself to wish the duo the very best life and marriage has to offer without any hard times. Then again, it is only a wish.


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