Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people.

Real friends accept the way you are. They love the true you and you don’t have to sell out your nature to roll with them, Whether you are sick or healthy, poor or rich, mad or sane, stable or otherwise, they always take you in for who you are..

Fake friends are very judgy and superficial, always complaining about your physique, appearance, your clothes and how you do your things among others.

Real friends always show you tender, loving care and are always first by your side when you are in need, They keep in touch always and are interested in your welfare and simply because they miss you. Fake friends, though, only show support just before they ask for help because they need a fertile ground to foster their interests.

Real friends enjoy listening to you when in conversation - they enjoy time chatting and are able to restrain themselves to take in what you have to say. Fake friends however are always in discussions to win or promote their interests. They don’t enjoy your company.

Real friends understands the boundaries you set and respect your decisions, no matter how much they disagree with them. Fake friends often lose their tempers easily during discussions and always insist on imposing their perspectives and opinions to the detriment of your own.

Real friends are empathetic; they care about your experiences, what you go through, how you feel. Fake friends on the other hand only pretend to care in order to make you feel like you owe them. They only show affection when it buys them favours.

Real friends understand the importance of time alone - they know that sometimes all you need is solitude to sort yourself out. They respect your space. Fake friends however feel irritatingly entitled to your time and attention and get angry when you insist on being alone.

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Real friends are always genuinely interested in  the hustle of your passion, offering their support and showing their pride when you achieve or succeed. Fake friends on the other hand are always giving you reasons to back down or quit; always spreading pessimism and skepticism when you are climbing the success ladder. Even worse, they get jealous and backbite too.

Real friends know everyone has room for other friends and so aren’t overly possessive and demanding. They try their best to get acquainted and along with your other friends for your sake. Fake friends, though, don't like your other friends and want you for themselves.