3 ways to deal with a difficult mother-in-law during wedding planning

Don't wait for your 'monster' mother-in-law to destroy your relationship even before you say, I do. Try these tips.

Some mothers-in-law believe that they have the veto right in their sons' life after giving them the best education to get a high-paying job.

Marriage is a union of two people and they must be allowed their journey on the right path; the wedding of their choice with massive support from their family and friends.

Some mothers-in-law can be a hard nut to crack and very impossible to get into their good books.

Whatever the issues, you've got to find a way to fix them or at least cope. Here are helpful ways to improve the relationship between a bride and her mother-in-law.

  • Talk openly and honestly with your fiancé

Have an honest conversation with your partner and seek his advice on the matter.

Encourage your man to have a conversation with his mom to express happiness in your relationship and excitement for the future.

This is also a great opportunity to express gratitude for the role she played in childhood and how she'll continue to be important. Let her know that celebrating the two of you as a couple is the biggest wedding gift ever.

For every parent, their children’s wedding is a milestone for them and they are willing to do anything to make it the talk of the town.

  • Tell Your mother-in-Law when she's overstepped her bounds

Find the right time and talk to your mother-in-law. First, acknowledge the good things that she has done for you ever since your relationship with her went public. Follow with a frank explanation for why her decisions or actions are causing problems. Take a firm tone—not an angry one.

  •  Be firm in your vision, but still include your mother-in-law in the planning

To prevent arguments and bruised egos, involve your mother-in-law in the wedding planning after the official date is announced.

Make a list of the no-compromise details you and your fiancé are unwilling to forgo on your wedding day. Let her know your plans for your big and how best she can collaborate to bring more honor to the family name.

If she decisions not to sponsor the event financially because she wants to have to final say, then be ready to find funds for your dream wedding.


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