A wedding is meant to be merry and fun-filled but nuptials in Chechen Republic, Russia aren't going to be like that anymore - thanks to new guidelines laid by authorities.

The Department of Culture in Grozny, the republic's capital says that in order to safeguard the 'spiritual and moral development' of young people, a set of new guidelines have been issued for a 'proper' wedding.

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No gunfire, keep the men and women at a distance on the dancefloor and don't let the bride cut the cake are some of the new wedding rules.

Photographs from the wedding of a Chechen national Zara Khasanova, shows how a proper wedding look like.

The bride's mother will watch the festivities from a balcony, as she does not traditionally take part in the dancing or other celebrations and can only sit down when granted permission.

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If guests don't behave on the dance floor, the music will be shut off until order is restored, said Zubair Bairakov, owner of a local wedding planning agency.

Chechen weddings are traditionally paid for by the groom and attended by his family members only.

They are seen as a sad occasion by the bride's family, Daily Mail reports.

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