5 ways to know he is crazy about you alone

If you have no idea of those love enigma’s here are six signs in no particular order.

5 ways to know he is crazy about you alone

What you do not know is that actions do speak for itself and there are a few hints, bread cramps that will be dropped. it’s only up to you to catch up.

He’s had a conversation with you about wanting an exclusive relationship

If you guys have had “the Talk” then it means he wants to make you a priority in his life and sees a future with you.

He respects your opinion and asks for it

When he seeks your opinion regarding even the most trivial of matters then it means you mean a lot to him.

He's gushes about you when you aren’t around

If he gushes about you to his friends, he sends you the most random snaps, calls to check up on you then you are on his mind.

He makes plans with you in advance and sticks to them

If he makes plans with you and does not forget then you are a top priority to him.

He looks for ways to include you in his interests

Even if it is football if he manages to drag you along and make it exciting then it means you are the one in his eyes.

You’ve met his friends and family

The deal breaker, the one which will determine if there will be a ring on your finger is if you meet his friends and family.

Nothing is 100 percent concrete although these are very important signs to look out for they are not all the gospel truth to use to evaluate your relationship since no two relationships are the same.


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