Some students of the American University of Nigeria (AUN), Yola, have fabricated solar oven and chicken tractors for distribution to villagers residing in nearby communities.

According to a report on the institution's website, students taking CDV 107, a course taught by Professor Charles Reith, made the ovens using a design from a Kenyan refugee camp.

"The solar ovens were fashioned from recycled cardboard, glue, masking tape, and aluminium foil," the report stated.

"Each oven took about 45 minutes to make based on a design first developed in the 1990s at a refugee camp in Kenya.

"The team used one oven to cook a pot of noodles, which took about 10 minutes to be ready for sampling by Professor Reith and others."

The report further stated that the students made chicken tractors from scrap materials.

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"Two student teams also created chicken tractors from scrap metal and pieces of chicken wire that had been thrown away.

"Chicken tractors are screened-in boxes or portable cages used by organic farmers to prepare soil for planting; they confine the chicken in the tractor until it has eaten all the weeds, scratched the soil, and fertilized it with its guano.

"This is one of many ways organic growers fertilize their farms without using harmful and expensive chemicals."

gathered that the oven and tractors will be handed over to the villagers during a trip in November.

AUN has been actively involved in humanitarian activities in the North-East region.