Do you want to earn extra cash? Do you enjoy watching or sharing videos on YouTube? This is the perfect article for you. Make

YouTube is a video website that provides easy access to video content from all over the world. Features include watching videos online, live streaming, create and upload your own videos. As much as it is a hobby, others use this platform to earn more than a decent living.

As one of the largest social media platforms ever, it records a stunning ONE BILLION unique visitors in a month. In marketing, people is equal to money. Therefore you have access to one billion potential customers=money per month.

That’s a lot of money and quite easy to make to. Read on to find out ways which you could monetize your YouTube channel.

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Ways to earn money on YouTube in Ghana:

  • YouTube ads and sponsored videos

Advertisers may want buy ad slots on your channel if your audience fits their target. Or may even sponsor your channel in exchange for some time on your channel.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about making money on commission. Refer your viewers to sites where they can get products they need. Companies offer deals to affiliate marketers to promote products to their audience.

  • Services and products based around the content you create/offer

Obviously, you definitely know what you are talking about when making those videos (unless you don’t!). Simply offer services if you are a hair vlogger or products if you are a makeup guru. Your market is blooming with each view and so should you!

  • Directing traffic to your website

All businesses online need a website to keep things running. A website is similar to an online shop, and just like any other store you need customers. One way to increase your customer base is by referring your viewers to your website. So now your viewers become your customers. The more customers you have, the likelihood of purchase.

  • Email list

Create an email list from your audience base on their interest, preferences and other demographics. Either use this list to create stronger relationship with your audience by suggesting sites of interest. Or you may sell this list to advertisers of products that they may interest your audience.

  • Merchandise

Create your own branded products from the content you put out there. For example, a natural hair YouTuber could start selling branded T-Shirts with pictures of Afro-American icons to earn good money.

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  • Be a STAR!

YouTube stars are definitely a thing now including Instagram models and twitter trolls.

All these ways are possible if you grow a huge audience base on the platform. Be consistent and knowledge about your content. Be honest and open. Avoid racist, hateful or abusive language. And most importantly engage your audience.


One cannot place a fixed cost on how you can earn money on YouTube in Ghana. Remember as stated earlier there are different ways to earn money and that means different uses for YouTube. Translating to different contents put out there. So the cost involved in creating a content would differ from another.


Monetizing your YouTube channel has no fixed duration or time period. How much you earn, where your money is coming from etc. will determine how long before you begin to gain revenue. For example, if you decide to direct traffic to your website, you might earn faster than from YouTube ads.




You need a YouTube channel to get started. Either create a personal channel or a business channel. Your personal channel can be accessed by your through your google account. But a business channel allows for multiple owners

How to set up a personal YouTube channel

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Set up a business channel on YouTube