The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has stated that it will begin registering all private tricycle waste collectors popularly called ‘Borla Taxis or Aboboyaa.

He said that there will be no registration on Sundays.

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He added that the registration will be done at various dump sites, waste transfer stations, the AMA Waste Management Department at Kaneshie and other designated locations in the city.

The registration is being done to coordinate and monitor the activities of the private refuse collectors

“The registration exercise is to identify all the service providers in the waste management value chain, coordinate, monitor and control their activities in pursuit of the ‘Clean Accra Project’. This is also to aid in further engagement with the operators to enhance their capacity in health and safety, environmental management and business development.”

The statement said that the registration is free and mandatory “and any tricycle operating within the AMA's jurisdiction from August 2018 without the AMA embossment will be arrested and prosecuted.”

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The private rubbish collectors have been accused of dumping refuse as illegal places after they are paid by households to collect their waste.

The AMA in a bid to stop such incidents and ensure Accra is kept clean has come up with the registration.

The AMA, therefore, called on all adjoining municipalities and district assemblies to register 'Borla Taxi' operators within their areas to support the realisation of the project goals.”