What to know about the world-famous artist who paints with his blood

Have you ever seen a painting so unique that it makes you stop and stare in wonder?

The Filipino artist who paints with his blood [NewYorkPost]

This is the incredible story of Elito Circa, a Filipino artist who has gained international recognition for his powerful and thought-provoking paintings created with his own blood.

What's his story?

Elito Circa wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He grew up in a poor community in the Philippines. Art supplies were a luxury he couldn't afford. But Elito had a passion for creating.


He wasn't always an artist – in fact, his first passion was basketball. But life took an unexpected turn when a serious knee injury ended his basketball dreams. Devastated, Elito turned to art as a way to express his emotions. He'd draw on anything he could find – scraps of paper, cardboard boxes, even the walls of his own home.

Elito's talent didn't go unnoticed. People in his community recognised his raw skill and encouraged him to keep creating. As he grew older, Elito found ways to get his hands on basic art supplies. He practised relentlessly, honing his skills and developing his unique style.

Elito experimented with different styles and materials, searching for a way to truly express himself. One day, while Elito was feeling frustrated with his work, he pricked his finger and noticed the vibrant red colour of his blood. A spark ignited! He dipped his finger in his blood and made a mark on his canvas. The result was unlike anything he'd ever seen. The blood added a raw energy and a deep personal connection to his art that traditional paints just couldn't match. In that moment, Elito Circa, the blood artist, was born.


Elito knew he was onto something special. He started incorporating his blood into more and more of his paintings. It wasn't always easy. Pricking his finger repeatedly can be painful, and there's always a slight risk of infection. But Elito was dedicated to his art. He saw his blood not just as a paint, but as a powerful symbol of sacrifice and the deep well of emotions that fuel his creativity.

Elito Circa's blood art is more than just a gimmick. His paintings are filled with emotion and symbolism. Blood is the essence of life, the very thing that flows through our veins and keeps us alive. By using his blood in his art, Elito feels a powerful connection to his work. It's a form of sacrifice, a giving of himself entirely to his art.


The audience witnesses the artist's dedication and vulnerability as he literally pours himself onto the canvas. It creates a powerful connection between the artist, the artwork, and the viewer.

Elito's unique approach to art hasn't gone without criticism. Some people find the use of blood disturbing or even disrespectful. They worry about the health risks involved and question the artistic merit of using blood as a paint. However, Elito remains unfazed. He explains that his blood is simply another material, a way to express his emotions in a way that traditional paints can't.


Over time, Elito Circa's blood art has gained international recognition. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries around the world, and he's been featured in major news outlets. Collectors are eager to own a piece of his unique art form.

It's important to understand that Elito's blood is just one part of his art. He's a skilled painter who uses a variety of techniques to create his works. The blood adds a powerful layer of meaning and emotion, but it doesn't overshadow the artistic talent behind it. His ability to draw and compose is what truly elevates his blood art to a whole new level.

Elito's story is an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere. It shows that even with limited resources and unconventional methods, you can create powerful and impactful art. It's a reminder that art is all about expressing yourself in a way that is true and meaningful to you.


Elito Circa's art might not be for everyone, but there's no denying its power and originality. He has pushed the boundaries of what art can be and created a legacy that will surely inspire future generations.

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