He noted that it will be silly on the path of any Christian to think that their faith in God will protect them from contracting the disease if they act silly and reckless.

Addressing Ghanaians in a Facebook video on the topic, ‘Fear not’, Pastor Otabil said:

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Don’t let somebody put ideas in your head that will lead you into fear, into destruction and will lead you to do something that will make you regret.

“We have some very interesting protocols to obey, we are supposed to wash our hands, use sanitiser, use soap to do it frequently; we are supposed to keep our distance, may God lead you in those parts,” Pastor Otabil said.

According to the man of God, if somebody is suggesting to you that you have faith in God and because you have faith in God you can do all things and God will protect you, remember that may be an advice that is leading you astray.

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Satan tempted Jesus Christ and said: ‘If you are the son of God, throw yourself down and God will protect you and Jesus didn’t do it but said to Satan: ‘Get behind me Satan.’ And there are people who think the way to prove the power of God is to tempt God, is to do something risky, is to do something very silly and hope that God will protect them.