Minister of Information Dr Mustapha Hamid has clarified that he doubles as President Akufo-Addos spokesman and not the Director of Communications at the Jubilee House, Eugene Arhin.

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“I am the Minister for Information and presidential spokesperson. I speak for the government and the President," he told Ghanaweb. “Eugene Arhin is Director of Communication (at the Presidency) but of course there are matters on which he also qualifies to speak, but before he speaks, he clears them with me.”

He further clarified that “even ministers, deputy ministers, they clear. It depends on the strategy of the Minister for Information. There are questions that you ask me, I will call the Minister of Health and say ‘look, I want you to be the one to speak’ and he speaks.”

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The minister's comments come after multiple criticisms of the chaotic nature of government communication unit.