The last fight for

From Tagoe’s antics in the boxing ring to the selection of his opponents, Ghanaians have criticized every aspect of the bout, branding it as a ‘disgrace’ to boxing in the country.

Bukom Boxing Arena complimented by the coverage of Africa’s biggest sports broadcasters Super Sports has created an avenue for Ghana boxing to flourish.

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Ayitey Powers and Bukom Banku have been two of the most entertaining boxers in Ghana. Not just for their boxing prowess, but what most people deem as the comedy side of things. And their quiet exit from the boxing scenes creates an empty space when it comes to boxing rivalry in Ghana.

Reports indicating Emmanuel ‘Game Boy’ Tagoe and Isaac Dogboe have agreed to fight at a weight of 130 pounds seems a welcome challenge and an avenue to flourish another boxing rivalry in a country that has so much unutilized potential in the sport.

Aside from the regular bragging among boxers when it comes to such fights, Tagoe and Dogboe are already living up to the hype; not the refreshingly soothing quotes of Banku and Powers. Just their own small way.

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Sheikh Tophic Sienu believes this could be the biggest bout in Ghana ever, tweeting:

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However, Michael Oti Adjei seems to have a different opinion.

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And just when the heat was calming, a tweet by Gary Al-Smith showing a quote by Game Boy Tagoe proves irrespective whether this could be the biggest bout in Ghana’s history, the banter will be great.

Just like the days of Bukom Banku vs Ayitey Powers.

“Dogboe’s just a small boy with a lot of hype but not strong enough to face me. Even if I’m asleep and I’m called, I’ll beat him!”