Peprah George, popularly known as Jimmy Brown, was previously into money rituals, locally referred to as sakawa.

Speaking to Pulse Sports, he said he was asked by a fetish priest to sleep at a graveyard naked for two weeks, after which he will become rich.

He narrated that he obeyed the instructions of the fetish priest and sometimes had to eat from the graves.

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According to him, he looted graves in order to steal human parts such as hands, legs, and skull of the buried corpse.

However, Peperah said, he did not become rich despite doing everything the fetish priest asked him to do.

He recalled even sleeping inside a casket together with his friend at midnight for two weeks just to becme rich.

I wanted to be very rich so I went for money rituals, I was asked to bring human parts such as legs, hands, skull, we got some from the graveyard, after two weeks of sleeping at midnight naked,” he disclosed.

My friend and I had to walk backwards from the graveyard, we had to avoid handshakes, hugs. With all these struggles.

“I didn’t get the money, [although] the fetish priest showed me pictures of the money and sent me to a cemetery where he claimed to have kept the money.”

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Peprah urged the youth to work hard to earn their money, insisting using dubious ways will only end in trouble and misery.