Here is how the Ghana Cedi performed against the US Dollar in 2023

Ghana's economic landscape has been under the spotlight in 2023, with the exchange rate between the Ghanaian Cedi and the US Dollar experiencing fluctuations throughout the year. In this article, we will delve into the monthly exchange rate data, starting from January (MO1) to September (MO9), to analyze the performance of the Cedi against the Dollar per information available from the Ghana Statistical Service from January till September 2023.

Cedi against the dollar

Monthly Exchange Rate Movements:

The year kicked off with a Cedi-to-Dollar exchange rate of 9.9. This rate set the tone for the following months, and the currency pair was closely monitored by investors, businesses, and policymakers.


A significant jump occurred in February, with the exchange rate climbing to 10.9. This increase may have raised concerns among stakeholders, prompting them to closely monitor economic indicators and external factors influencing the exchange rate.

The trend continued into March, where the Cedi maintained its strength against the Dollar at a rate of 11.0. Stability in the exchange rate during this month may have provided a sense of reassurance to market participants.

April witnessed a slight dip, returning to the rate of 10.9. The fluctuation could be attributed to various factors, such as global economic conditions, trade dynamics, and domestic economic policies.


The exchange rate returned to the 11.0 mark in May, indicating resilience in the Cedi's performance. Economic analysts and policymakers likely continued to closely monitor external factors affecting the currency.

June maintained the status quo, with the exchange rate remaining steady at 11.0. The consistent performance might have contributed to a sense of stability in the foreign exchange market.


Similar to the previous months, July saw the Cedi holding its ground at an exchange rate of 11.0. The consecutive months of stability might have influenced market sentiments positively.

The trend continued into August, with the Cedi-Dollar exchange rate staying at 11.0. The sustained level could have implications for businesses engaged in international trade and investment.

As the year progressed to September, a slight increase was observed, with the exchange rate reaching 11.1. This uptick might trigger discussions among analysts about potential influencing factors and policy implications.


The Cedi's performance against the US Dollar in 2023 showcases a relatively stable trend, with minor fluctuations observed. Stakeholders will continue to closely monitor economic indicators and global factors to anticipate potential impacts on the exchange rate. The analysis of the monthly data provides valuable insights for policymakers and businesses navigating the dynamic foreign exchange landscape in Ghana.


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