An 18-month-old

The one-and-half-year old girl is scheduled to appear before the Mafi Adodime Magistrate Court today, Tuesday, May 22, 2018 to answer to the charge of attempted murder.

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According to reports by Today newspaper, residents were thrown into state of shock and disbelief last week Friday when the girl was arrested.

Mother of the little girl, Madam Esinam Yevuyibor said police officers came to her house on Friday, May 18, 2018 and arrested her daughter.

Madam Yevuyibor explained that the police told her the arrest of little Princess was as a result of a complaint lodged against the suspect, Princess Gokay, by Akpene Gokay of an attempt by the 18-month child to allegedly poison her five-year-old son, Kwabla Gokay.

Amidst tears, she said "We were shocked at the forced charge preferred against the little girl by the police officers because Princess who cannot talk or knows her left from right could do such thing to her sick brother."

She added that her daughter has been paying regular visit to the sick, Kwabla Gokay in his room and often plays with him and wondered how she could take a bottle containing a poisonous substance to kill.

Giving detail accounts of the issue, she said in April this year, she saw a sister of Kwabla Gokay, Jenifer Gokay, beat up little Princess Gokay and dragged her from the room where Kwabla lives.

"So when I asked Jenifer Gokay what Princess did, she insulted me but escaped when I threatened to beat her up. When her mother returned from the farm, I didn’t know what she told her who quickly rushed to the police and made a report," she said.

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Meanwhile, the Adidome District Police Commander, Phanthomas Opat said the police will investigate the matter.

"Even a child of twelve years below commits no criminal offence, so I am kind of confused here. I am not aware of such a case," he explained.