How Shatta Wale’s visit to the Presidency stains Ghana's highest office; and a probable end for all others in the industry

Shatta Wale got an invite to Ghana's highest office in the later part of 2017. Following his actions afterwards, the visit is one the Presidency will rue for now and years to come. Maybe, a never again for other musicians.

Despite having made waves with his immense talent, young cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason getting the honour to perform at the royal wedding will forever remain a major highlight in his career.

Barack Obama, the former president of the United States of America used to invite musicians to the White House during his reign as overlord. The likes of Usher Raymond, Aretha Franklin, Jamie Foxx, Chance The Rapper, Yolanda Adams, Janelle Monae, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J Blige all had invites to the White House by Obama.

Mind you, these are artists who have been top of their game for so long. Musicians who have made it through the ranks up high on the pile.


Even so, an invite by the first man on their land was an act not taken likely. And that honour was treated with every respect there is, at the moment and thereafter.

So, it is totally not out of order for the president of Ghana to try and inspire people in the music industry, that if it does fit, a visit to Ghana’s version of the White House, the jubilee house is appropriate.

The day is Friday, October 13, 2017. A few days to Shatta Wale’s birthday.

Shatta Wale is an award-winning Ghanaian reggae-dancehall musician. He is also a producer and is popular among music lovers in the country. His support system, Shatta Movement, are arguably the most loyal and stern fans of a musician you would find anywhere in the West African region.


Wale tweets at the President of Ghana, His Excellency Nana  Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo with a simple message:

“Your Excellency, Tuesday is my birthday ..what are you giving me ..@NAkufoAddo”

In an era where social media plays a part in appealing to the masses, the official Twitter handle of the President of Ghana toned it down to reply in a language social media knows best. Nothing official. Just casual.

“You for come visit me for Flagstaff House o!,” the president’s message to Shatta Wale read.

This was not just anything. And a subsequent shade from Shatta Wale’s to other musicians in the industry not getting an invite from Ghana’s first gentleman on the land would prove this.


Just as would be expected, the visit to the Jubilee House in itself was treated with all the respect it needs. Whoever enforced that it another question for another day.

Shatta Wale accompanied by the renowned Nathan Kwabena Adisi popularly known as Bola Ray was nicely dressed as a guest at the Jubilee House. Not the usual Shatta you would normally see.

President Akufo Addo in his typical African print and all smiled in photos with the ‘Dancehall King’ tweeted after the meeting with the musician:

The ‘Dancehall King’, @shattawalegh, was at the Presidency this afternoon to pay me a visit, after my invitation to him, on his birthday.


A tweet which has over 7k likes probably went across to the youth of Ghana, giving an idea who their president hangs out with.

This might be taken likely but for many, Shatta would instantly be a role model. He had achieved what many would wish for; a recognition by the President of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

If this does not put Shatta Wale in the role model bracket, it is unclear what would.

Shatta Wale is a role model for many in this country and no matter how hard members of the Shatta Movement try to dilute to make amends for the very unnecessary things he does, the facts cannot be overlooked.


The ‘Taking Over’ hitmaker has not lived a life worthy of emulating in other aspects since his visit to the Jubilee House. In music, some may argue but the bottom line is, it’s been trash, trash, trash. Nothing special. Not even ‘Gringo’. Yeah, deal with it.

On the personal life scene, there’s no personal life for a celebrity and the earlier these folks accept it, the better for all involved.

There have been situations where celebrities have used their personal life controversies to hype an upcoming movie, music or whatever craft they are into. These circumstances invite people to search for more. And from then, nothing is private anymore.

Shatta Wale’s behaviour following his visit to Nana Addo has been nothing to write. And a broader level, it stains Ghana for inviting such a man to the Presidency.


A few weeks after visiting the president of Ghana, Shatta Wale publicly assaulted a man reported to be his bodyguard, slapping him on video.

Subsequent actions have been what could generally be termed as bad behaviour.

The leader of the Shatta Movement allegedly assaulted his baby mama with photos popping up on social media, an act that is reported to have led to their separation.

The musician has also been tapped firing gunshots, showing his full nude in a swimming pool on social media among others.


What has been deemed by many as going overboard is Shatta Wale showing a video of himself getting a blowjob (oral sex) on his Snapchat.

For what was deemed by many as an immature act, Shatta Wale’s initial reaction to the video hitting the internet wipes away a future hope of someone who is willing to learn from their mistakes.

The Zylofon Media artiste in a video lashed out at Ghanaian for criticizing his actions. He later stressed that he does not force people to follow and watch his snaps. Despite hinting at the video coming getting to public view as a mistake, the emphasis of a target audience on his social media pages takes everything back to square one: a role model to people who is not worthy of that title.

In a lot of countries, Shatta Wale’s list of endorsement deals would have been crumbling by the time that halfhearted (possibly forced) apology was rendered.

In the statement, Shatta Wale said the obscenity on his personal Snapchat page was ‘a material mistakenly posted by one of my associates’.


He continued that ‘I apologize to the people of Ghana for such unpleasant exhibition. I apologize to all SM fans who felt and still feel slighted by such a move.

My sincere apology to my label, Zylofon Music and also to all my Corporate Partners.’

The part of the statement creates doubt based on previous happenings reads:

‘The brand Shatta Wale is a law-abiding one; one that will not do anything untoward to bring it and its partners into disrepute.’

Musicians and performer are surrounded by controversies. It someway somehow pushes their careers. But there are professional controversies. Ones that are devoid of staining a brand.


Shatta Wale does it differently and it makes no sense how his movement keeps on defending him when all the facts available show they should do otherwise.

President Akufo-Addo did a harmless act by inviting one of the top musicians in the country as motivation to others.

Based on Shatta Wale’s reaction, that invite is one the Presidency would not like to associate with in any way. The bad impact is, this might be a probable end for artistes like Shatta Wale who also want to get recognized by the highest office of the land.


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