Canadian woman narrates how Pope Skinny drugged and raped her, and offered GHC 5,000 to drop charges

A Canadian woman who was allegedly raped by musician Pope Skinny has finally popped up with her side of the story.

Rapper, Pope Skinny

Shatta Wale, on Monday, March 4, made some scathing allegations against Pope Skinny on SnapChat, claiming that the Asuoden Music label owner rapped a Canadian woman and got away with it.

Pope Skinny responded to the allegation by saying the case is true and that the Inspector General of Police is aware but the whole incident was a setup and masterminded by Shatta Wale.

However, the Canadian woman has come out to tell the full story.


According to the woman, who spoke to Pulse Ghana under anonymity, the issue happened in October 2017 when she was executing a project with Pope Skinny.

She said she is into the showbiz industry and facilitates deals between local and international artistes.

The Canadian woman said she met Pope Skinny four years ago when she came to settle in Ghana.

During their first project, they worked on Pope Skinny’s song and after, she proposed another project which would help Shatta Wale get an international collaboration.


But this didn’t go as planned. Their business plan ended up in a rape saga.

She said while planning to meet Shatta Wale, Pope Skinny drugged her and raped her through her rear.

Narrating the incident, she said: “He (Pope Skinny) asked me to meet him and Shatta Wale so that we can discuss a collaboration with another foreign artiste…”


“So he picked me up and we headed to Wale’s house. Apparently, he told me that Wale wasn’t home so we went to Michy’s [Shatta Wale’s fiancée] pub [Diamond Pub & Grill]. We had a couple of drinks, and Wale didn’t show up.

“He told me that we should go to the club and that Wale would be there but he still didn’t show up.

“He gave me a bottle of drink, and I was like: ‘excuse me, I didn’t come here to drink’.

“So long story short, I got blacked out. I think it wasn’t because of the alcohol – it was because he had drugged me.

“I ended up passing out in his car and by the time I gained consciousness, I was in a room with him. I started fighting him but at that point, I woke up because of penetration in my rear.


“I fought and gave him some stories as to why he should leave me alone. I managed to start screaming and I think that also scared him off a little bit and then I left,” she said.

She said she lodged a complaint with the police and got a doctor’s report but the case was delayed until January last year.

“When I got home, I went to the hospital and got myself checked. I lodged a complaint with the police the same day but the hospital report delayed because I was told the gynaecologist was supposed to sign but he wasn’t around for weeks.


“So we had to wait till January of last year to complete the police report.

“Once the police report was ready, we went out to look for Pope Skinny and we ended up at his residence in Cantonment (Accra) but didn’t get him.

“He was supposed to perform at Ebony’s one-week celebration last year but he was MIA (missing in action) because he thought the police were going to arrest him because of my issue. He went offline for some time.”

She said Pope Skinny later turned himself in to the police but he used bribery, Shatta Wale and the IGP – who is reportedly his uncle – to get away with the case.


“One day, I got a phone call that he had turned himself in to the police with a bunch of Shatta Movement Family, Asuoden Music members and a certain Captain of Adom FM.

“He was arrested and interrogated. He wrote his statement and the case ended…It’s been alleged that the police took a bribe and made the case disappear…You know, Ghana we dey [sic].

“So I moved the case to Accra head office but they claim the docket is at Attorney General’s office.

“The case of rape, arm robbery and other calibres of crimes need urgency but I don’t want to see why this system is failing multiple people including myself. I am not seeing justice, and the case is not even going to court.


“Later, I saw on Pope Skinny’s SnapChat story with Shatta Wale saying that the Inspector General of Police [name not mentioned] is his uncle.

“So if that is your uncle then he has every reason to protect you. But if the IGP is aware of this case and he is protecting him then there’s a problem in this country,” she said.

She said: “I was told that I don’t need a lawyer since I am the victim and I will be using the prosecutor.

“But since Pope Skinny has started posting, I’ve decided to use my government through the Canadian embassy to get justice.

“Shatta Wale called and apologised on behalf of Pope Skinny. He tried to help Pope Skinny to win this case. Other big guys [sic] came in to assist him by negotiating with me and even offered me GHC 5,000 to end the case. I was like ‘are you kidding me? I’m not here for the money.”


She said the case is currently with the Attorney General.

We have reached out to Pope Skinny but couldn’t get his comments.


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