Ace broadcaster Oheneyere Gifty Anti has called on young ladies to learn to cut their coat according to their fabric.

Her comments come after the snippet of the CNN’s Christine Amanpour’s interview with actress Moesha Buodoung made rounds of social media.

In a video posted by Moesha on her Instagram page, Amanpour said “When you have your own daughter good luck. She should be free and independent. She will be proud to have you as a mother.”

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Moesha disclosed that she funds her 'ostentatious' lifestyle through such activities since the acting jobs are not really paying.

In return, Moesha Boduong revealed she has to stay faithful, give the man sex and take care of his needs. And she can’t say no to sex when the man demands.

But Gifty Anti said she would not condemn nor support Moesha since she is not a judge.

“And now to my dear young ladies, it’s ok to have a man who is wealthy enough to cater for all your needs.”

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“But, there is pride in working hard to earn your own money, irrespective of the kind of man you have,” she added.

However, she urged young women to live within their means to avoid such things.

“My darling lady, you are not in competition with anyone. Please cut your skirt, blouse or dress according to the yards of fabric/cloth you have.”

“Don’t ever live above your means. it’s not worth it. Be happy and content in your corner.”